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I recently ran across an article by Anita Campbell highlighting 137 small business twitter tips. These tips were put together by the readers of Small Business Trends. Here are some of the highlights we pulled:

  • Getting Started:
    1. From Grant Wickes "A good way to start is “lurk & learn” using TweetDeck application. Available for download at"
    2. From Mark Decker "My
      suggestion for getting started would be to find twitters’ in different
      fields to follow. Everyone wants to talk to others in their field, but
      part of the beauty of twitter is meeting new people. It’s like a mixer,
      you don’t want to spend the whole night talking to the people you
      always talk with. Meet someone new. Network!"
    3. From Linda Roeder
      "When your company first gets started on Twitter, find other companies
      that are similar to yours or offer something that your customers will
      like, follow them. Their customers will start following you and you may
      be able to get a whole new clientele from this practice."
  • Smart Marketing:
  1. From Yiana "“Always
    keep up with your business branding! This means creating a custom
    Twitter background that shows your brand. 
  2. From Joel Libava "The
    right way to promote your business is to post a link to a recent Press
    Release OR blog post daily, mixed in with several links to some great
    resource articles, and blog posts. I also suggest that a portion of
    them have nothing to do with your type of business. Just link out to
    some great and interesting content. Add some value, folks!"
  3. From Rena Reich "Don’t
    only tweet about what’s new on your site. It’s important to interact
    with the community of followers that you should become a part of.
    Create relationships. Business is personal."
  • Observing Etiquette:
  1. From Robert Brady "Automated DMs
    aren’t worth sending. If you won’t invest a few seconds to compose a
    140-character message I don’t want to invest 5 seconds reading it."
  2. From Wendy Piersall "Give
    before you expect to receive. In fact, give MORE than you expect to
    receive. People always need to know WIIFM = “What’s in it for me?”
    Answer that question as often as possible and followers will flock to
  3. From Anthony Ruiz "Twitter is a social media tool. Keep it social. Provide value. Don’t just sell yourself. Be human. Be useful."
  • Spreading Your Message:
  1. From StalkerB "Best tip for getting retweeted
    is to leave enough characters for people to just RT as is. If people
    have to start editing your message to fit “RT @your name + message”
    then they often don’t bother or miss out (what you thought was) an
    important part. View RTs as 120-ish
    character messages and really work on what you have to say and how to
    say it. Also if it contains a link make sure it’s clear what people
    will be clicking through to."
  2. From Nathan Egan "Don’t just regurgitate content that people have already seen or that you have tweeted in the past - people pick up on that."
  3. From Mark Dixon "Three words: Original, Relevant, Succinct."
  • Time Management:
  1. From Chris "Don’t
    feel like you need to see/read every tweet. You don’t. If you want to
    find out what’s been going on with a particular topic while you were
    not paying attention, do a search of twitter using hashtags or phrases relevant to the topic to bring up recent related tweets."
  2. From Amanda Stillwagon "Try minimizing your time on the actual Twitter site to about 30 minutes a day. The rest of the time, use a quick Twitter app like TwitterFox
    to post anything interesting you find throughout your day. It’s fast
    and easy and keeps you from getting sucked up in too much conversation."
  3. From Sher Graham "I
    make it one of my regular bookmarks on my tool bar so I remember to
    click it on daily. It is a part of my business protocol in the morning
    as is reading and answering emails."
  • Advanced Strategies:
  1. From TJ McCue "Mine is a tool — TwitterBar.
    It allows you to tweet from the address bar in your browser. Type in
    your 140 characters like you’re typing a website URL/address and then
    click on the little “t” for Twitter and it goes to your account. No
    need to open another application, or use your phone."
  2. From Mike Campbell "Post a link to your job postings on Twitter. That’s how I found my latest new hire."
  3. From Debbie Hemley "We’re
    using Tweet Deck’s columns to break tweets into categories. Use the
    three built-in columns-friends follow, @replies, and direct messages.
    Create new columns for customized groups, work colleagues, client’s,
    specific organizations to ensure we don’t miss their tweets.  Takes a
    little time to set-up for the first time in the  way you like to view
    it; but once you do it’s a great way to view, increases the
    effectiveness and far less time-consuming."

To learn more about the top 137 small business tips to using Twitter, you can download the full article by clicking here.

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