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How to Waste Time and Money Posting to Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Pages

Getting started on posting updates to your LinkedIn Company Page doesn’t have to be daunting, but it can be.

When Hashtags Go Wrong


In this day and age, it’s extremely important for companies to keep up with trends on social media. One of the most common things that companies do is to utilize popular hashtags on Twitter to participate in conversations, stand out among the crowd, and draw attention to their company’s tweets.

Invest Your Hard Earned MDF to Convert More Leads to Customers

smartlogo resized 600

Are you having trouble leveraging your MDF (Marketing Development Funds) to produce optimal results? Are you tired of running the same tactics and activities with little to no return?

Social Media News - The New Twitter Layout is Here

The social media landscape is ever changing and Twitter has added a wrinkle to that landscape this week with the rollout of it's newest design overhaul. Users are now able to turn on the new layout or choose to adjust it later. Below are the notifications you'll see as Twitter walks you through the updating process.


How the Canadian Anti Spam Law (CASL) Will Change the Way You Do Business in Canada in 2014


In Canada, as of July 1, 2014, every B2B company will need to understand how to use email and social media legally within their marketing practices to communicate with existing and prospective clients.

LinkedIn Eliminating the Products and Services Tab from Company Pages

LinkedIn Products and Services Tab Elimination

LinkedIn announced recently that they were discontinuing the Products and Services tab from Company Pages. Like LinkedIn Answers, LinkedIn Signal, and the No Cost Careers Page tab, this feature is being retired and will be no more as of April 14. Until then existing products and service can be edited but no new products and services can be added. You can read their official announcement here.

Top 6 Blunders on B2B Websites

No website

This website sucks

Baby Steps for Building Your Brand

Top 5 Tips to Building B2B Websites

"What's your brand?"  
"What branding elements do you have available?"  
"How does this campaign tie into your branding?"

Questions like these pop up when you embark on a new marketing campaign, and rightly so. When a business has their branding in place, it's crucial for all marketing efforts to work towards strengthening that brand.  But what happens when you don't have a brand?  Or, more likely, when you haven't had the time or resources to create the elements necessary for bringing your brand to life?

Make your website a fast and furious inbound lead generation engine

Top 5 Tips to Building B2B Websites

A typical TSL Marketing website design intake call ends with this question:  if your company were a car what kind of car would you be?  Responses range as wildly as the personalities of our clients. This question helps us get an understanding of the of the people we're working with and their unique perception of the organization they work for. Most of the answers deal with the look, utility/functionality of their imagined car.  That works for our design team because much of their work focuses on the design of the site, how it looks and feels, but not the engine underneath the hood.  Too often, despite best practice recommendations, website essentials and web adjacencies are neglected. SEO is seen as an unnecessary expense, meta tags, social media optimization and mobile device accessibility are left on the side of the road.

Inbound Marketing 101: How do I claim my business listing on Google?

Google Logo

Is being found in search by people in your geography important for your sales and marketing initiatives? Are you looking for ways to improve upon or take ownership of how you' re found in search?  An easy first step is claiming and/or creating your local business listing on Google. Taking the steps to confirm your business listing will enable you to control how you’re found in Google Search, Google Maps, Google+ and searches from mobile devices. 

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