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Discovering Your Flywheel Marketing Metric

fitbit marketing

What FitBit Can Teach Us About Marketing ROI...

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Images for SEO and Site Speed

Site Speed Ranking Factors by Searchmetrics Graph

Recently a friend, let's just call him Ryan, told me an interesting story about his blog. A few weeks back he noticed that his site was slow to load. Ryan questioned whether this caused visitors to overlook contact forms aimed at generating leads for his photography business.

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Why the Internet Hates Your Text-based, Rectangular Logo


9 Tips for Creating an Optimized Company Logo

Do you want to know why your rectangular, text-based logo is often out of place in today’s digital world? The answer can be summed up in two words: favicons and avatars.

TSL Marketing Turkey Needs A Name


Yes it's Thanksgiving week and here at TSL Marketing, we are giving a little spin on the tradition of the "Turkey Pardon". As you can see we have a TSL Turkey, but it is unamed. What we want you to do is offer your suggestions for the name, the turkey is gender neutral so both male and female names are welcomed.

You have until Sunday November 30th to suggest a name. The winner will be rewarded with a donation to our local food bank in their name. All the staff here are going to bring in food, which we will put together and deliver to them. It's in a great cause and you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped some people. So have at it and look forward to your suggestions.

Building B2B Marketing Content That Your Audience Wants to See

Content Marketing

Clients come to us all of the time with pre-built ideas about the digital marketing content that they want to disseminate. These ideas are based on what they want their prospects to see, but they lack a deep understanding of the information and content their customers and prospects want to consume. They have considered purpose and intent, but only at a very high level and from a perspective that treats digital content creation like more traditional marketing.

Who the Hell Does Google Think You Are?

describe the image

My work in digital advertising has mainly come in the social media space. Ask me how to promote your tweets, boost your Facebook posts, or find a very targeted audience on LinkedIn, and I can help. Google is another story though. My experience with Adwords display network, search ads, and re-marketing is admittedly limited. To make up for that I spent the last week in Google analytics and Adwords classes hosted by LunaMetrics.

The team at Luna knows their stuff. It took a few days, but the knowledge I gained over the last week has helped me see digital advertising from a whole new perspective.

An advertiser's ability to target using Google may not make someone feel as confident on the surface compared to a tightly targeted ad campaign on LinkedIn based on relatively precise professional demographics. However, with a little work -- and a little bit of code -- a good digital marketer can make Google work like magic.

Just what does Google know? Who the hell does Google think you are? Well, it turns out they know plenty. And it's more than just what you're searching for: from the sites you visit, to your interests, your income segment, and even your gender.

Are you a parent or not? Google has a good idea.


What Marketers can learn from Heady Topper

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#TBT I'm a recovering hipster. I'll admit, I'm actually so much of a recovering hipster that it hurt me a little bit to use the hashtag #tbt. That being said, I'm now a self proclaimed mom. I may not wear mom "jeans" (even though I think they are popular amongst the hipsters these days) but I do love myself some cardigans, pop music, and use trending hashtags willingly. However in the heart of it, I still understand hipsters, and marketing to hipsters alike. I may no longer be one, but I'm still a part of their target market. So why is this relevant?

How to Waste Time and Money Posting to Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Pages

Getting started on posting updates to your LinkedIn Company Page doesn’t have to be daunting, but it can be.

When Hashtags Go Wrong


In this day and age, it’s extremely important for companies to keep up with trends on social media. One of the most common things that companies do is to utilize popular hashtags on Twitter to participate in conversations, stand out among the crowd, and draw attention to their company’s tweets.

Invest Your Hard Earned MDF to Convert More Leads to Customers

smartlogo resized 600

Are you having trouble leveraging your MDF (Marketing Development Funds) to produce optimal results? Are you tired of running the same tactics and activities with little to no return?

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